"The book's strengths largely lie in its disparate viewpoints. The characters are drawn realistically, their actions driven by their motivations. By examining a real-life example so bizarre that it's still studied in business school, Dillian creates a Glengarry Glen Ross mood that connects these characters while exposing their industry as the house of cards it turned out to be...those interested in discovering what this monstrous institution looks like from the inside will find their worst nightmares realized here." - Blueink Review

"Jared Dillian's first novel is like a massive blast of crank. Pure adrenaline. Takes you on a bender that leaves you feeling like you need a hot shower by the time you're done. Required reading for all free market apostles." - John Rolfe, author of MONKEY BUSINESS

"ALL THE EVIL OF THIS WORLD is a novel of high energy and charged prose that charts the vertiginous world of trading and investment with striking intimacy and candor. Wild, sad, and often funny, this multi-voiced book portrays the high-stakes, competitive, and volatile culture that would eventually drive the US economy to near collapse." - Siri Hustvedt, author of THE SUMMER WITHOUT MEN

"Oprah would hate this." -- Turney Duff, New York Times bestselling author of THE BUY SIDE

"ALL THE EVIL OF THIS WORLD is a wild ride that's hard to put down. It's a messy, captivating account of one hot trade. But it's really an absorbing, Bret Easton Ellis-style examination of Wall Street's underbelly at perhaps its ugliest and most exciting time." - Gregory Zuckerman, author of THE GREATEST TRADE EVER and THE FRACKERS

"Jared Dillian has taken a trade that few remember, populated it with unforgettable characters, and produced a book that's impossible to put down. Like a trader with a golden touch, Dillian takes big risks that pay off every time. Invest wisely--buy this book." -- Brian McDonald, author of MY FATHER'S GUN

"Jared Dillian's ALL THE EVIL OF THIS WORLD is a riveting tale of a high-stakes options trade gone bad--or good--depending on each of his many memorable characters' perspectives. This novel is a finely-wrought study of the people who pull the levers behind the curtain of the markets." -- Joe Oestreich, author of HITLESS WONDER and LINES OF SCRIMMAGE

"Jared Dillian pulls off a dizzying magic trick in ALL THE EVIL OF THIS WORLD, his fearless first novel. The story is as exhilarating and terrifying as the apocalyptic trade at its center, the characters swirling around it both gonzo and deeply human. Dillian is no wolf of Wall Street, he's its whirlwind." -- Bill Schweigart, author of THE BEAST OF BARCROFT and NORTHWOODS

"Jared Dillian's examination of a trade now perhaps forgotten, as well as its effect on seven individuals, comes across as scatological Dickens. With first person narrative, at times foreign, at times intimate, Dillian draws an arc from the tangible to the cerebral, all with a very intimate focus. This is far more than a book about finance: All The Evil Of This World will stay with readers because of its brilliant imagery and its prismatic bending of established narratives." -- Jason Brady, author of INCOME INVESTING

"...Those who crave a peek at how the sausage is made in America's corridors of power may enjoy this wild, if bone-jarring ride." - Kirkus Reviews